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Artist-Writer-Poet and Lyricist

A. Richard, is a native of Colorado: a place where people dare to seek talent.  especially when it comes to Rap and or Hip Hop. Besides being an artist, he is devoted as an individual in his personal and musical life. For many years,  he has written poetry, but by far he is a true storyteller. His songs, continue to project the lyrical side of his upbringing and environment. 
While  growing up, he listened to all types of music, but Hip-Hop is the genre of choice and that same compassion, passion and truth is delivered at each performance (over 400). Roosh uses, his studio time wisely and creatively, for him “it’s not playtime, it’s work time” and that is why many have crowned him “King of the city” (also the title of one of his album‘s). 

Before music caught his attention, writing poetry was his main focus until a friend read his journal of poems, later that same person told Big Roosh, “Why not turn your writings into songs”. Many can agree that the rest is history and his music is taken very serious and with one goal in mind and that is to reach out to ALL OF HIS PEERS, which he considers as (The Forgotten Generation)  

Big Roosh, is an artist that works with many and his willingness to work with everyone can not be ignored. Here is a quote from Big Roosh ”It’s all about taking chances in this Industry; I just need my chance to be heard with truth, as I bring depth and substance through music“. 

Credits and Accomplishments.
1. Mafia live XM and a story in Mafia magazine (Ice Cube cover)
2. G. M. D. radio hosted by Session Jay (Southern California)  
3. “We build hits” on Ckuw 95.9 in (Canada) hosted by Renee Batson, 
4. One of the featured interview’s for the Premier issue of The Urban Release magazine and several interviews on The Urban Release radio show, 
5. The Hilltop radio show in D.C. hosted by Dj Shaun, 
6. S. O. L radio in Omaha, 
7. Dagr8 F. M. in Florida
8. His profile at unsigned has gained 3,155 views within 30 days. 
9. On September 22, 2014, Big Roosh was selected as Independent Artist of the month on behalf of NCC Records and Empire BlogS (The Underground Experience) also an interview on their website. 
10. Front cover and featured artist, for the new book; Independent Mics
11. He has done several benefit shows for great causes and his last major tour was opening for (Devin the Dude, Krazie Bone and Candy-Man) and over 400 live performances within his continuous career. 
12. His album titled the “King of the city” is a well respected and highly creative. In his own words “I am dedicated 100%, more important my fans get 1000% at every show, in this Industry it’s all about taking chances and it only takes one chance to be heard, by the right person“. What sets him a part from other artists is the fact that he is not coming out of the “West coast or East coast” (although Colorado is Mid-west) he’s coming from Denver Colorado, a place that many do not think Hip Hop is valid. Please believe that its value comes in the form of one of the GREATEST UNSIGNED ARTIST, TO EVER TOUCH THE MIC. AND HIS NAME IS BIG ROOSH AKA THE DRUMMA BOY AKA KING OF THE CITY!!

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