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Drey Kravitz

You should already know who Drey Kravitz is (but you probably don’t.)  The machines that seek to control your perception don’t want you to.  He is too much of an anomaly.  Drey Kravitz skews the modern experiment that is pop & trap/rock rap music wildly.  He is in a word: Authentic.  Drey Kravitz is a natural… he sounds like Waterloo, IA feels. 
Hailing from Waterloo, IA and now residing in Denver, his smooth cutting-edge alternative pop style is unique and captivating. A recording artist and performer for more than 5 years, Drey Kravitz has worked with the collective talents of The Dungeon Family while in Atlanta, and has performed at T.I.’s Hustle & Flow Event. Drey is wasting no time. He is already teaming up and collaborating with a few CO.Rilla Records recording artists, and is working on his 1st studio album entitled “The Kurse” which is due for released later this year. 
 Raised on a steady diet of Lil Wayne , Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley,  Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Slipknot, he manages to combine an incredible array of disparate influences to create a unique tapestry of textures, rhythms, and sounds that add a new dimension to just about everything he touches. A childhood and adolescence spent committed to both writing poems & scary stories, as well as composing music and listen to alot of Tupac, the rapper developed an intrest in sound, writing, composition, and music at an early age.