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JO'EL JUNE The Artist
Hip Hop Hybrid 
Born on the Summer Solstice of 92,  into a family of musical artists and musicians, the Hip-Hop Hybrid formerly known as Jo'EL June The Artist came onto the Scene in 2011.  Beginning his career with group trio CITY KIDZ and recently going solo in 2015. Raised in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado, Jo'EL June first began writing music at age 10, entering onto the stage for his first performance  at age 12. Having Inspirations like Huey P Newton and Malcom X,  also being influenced By Hip-Hop Artists such as Common and Lauren Hill, gives June a soulful hip-hop revolutionary underground sound.

  Working on his highly anticipated solo album The G.O.D(Gift Of Death) Jo'EL June intends to reach the current generation, adressing Problems such as Black on Black crime, False Religion, and the Gift of Dying to Self. It is Set to be released at the Start of the 2017 year under CoRilla Records. In the meantime be on the look out for mixtapes, performances, and video blogs..