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Hip Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter


Keven Leemar Dawson III, is an American artist that comes from Battle Creek: which is a very small town in Michigan and by age 11 he moved to Denver. Like many artists, they all share stories on how music has been a huge part of their lives and those memories go back as far as they remember, and Keven is no exception. As an artist in Hip Hop, he too noticed the exact moment when his music career picked-up and that evolution started right before college in the middle of 2010. Since then, he has been blessed to do a fair amount of music: considering what stage he is in with his career. Keven, has currently finished college and working hard at furthering his musical talents and this is being done by: building an even bigger fan base and promoting his mixed tape titled; (90’s Baby) to a higher level. The mixed tape (90’s baby) in its entirety has definitely captured the essence and creativity of who he is as an artist, known in the industry as (Kid Snap). In early 2016, Keven (Kid Snap) was sponsored and his story was published by the online magazine (Rude Boy) and according to them “Kid Snap, believes in the power of music and his music focuses on bring fun content, to everything he releases” and by all means this is a quote that describes and pinpoints everything that he (Kid Snap) continues to do through the power of his music. His plans are to be the best that he can be and he will achieve every goal, simply because of the high level of RESPECT and his overall love for music and the perfection of his own craft. Since the very first day, Keven (Kid Snap) has been recognized and appreciated for his music. This creative journey, was never in search of fame nor fortune, just good music.
Accomplishments and Credits are as follows:
1. Double BA degree in Sociology and Psychology 
2. Performed and or opened for: Kirko Bangz and Sir Mix-A-Lot
3. Project hosted by Bass House Music and the Rush Project
4. Features on over 100 songs
5. Articles and or interviews in 4 Magazines 
6. 4 Mixed tapes and 30 live performances.